1 – PayPal Express Checkout:

By using this option, we will manually send an email to your PayPal email address with instructions on how to retrieve your product. Please note that email providers such as AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo can block our emails so it’s very important that you check your spam folder.

2 –  What is an eBook?

An eBook stands for electronic book. It is a book that you can download onto your computer and read. They come in the following formats:

PDF – This format can be read using Adobe’s Acrobat Reader available FREE from

Windows e-book – This format needs to run or install on your computer. It may also require you to be connected to the internet. Needs no special reader or software.

DOC – This is Microsoft Word’s format. It can be opened by Word, WordPad and Notepad.

TXT – A simple text file format. Use WordPad or Notepad or any simple text editor to read.

3 – What Payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept PayPal payments.

4 – Are there any other programs that I should install to use with the products I purchase?

On rare occasions you will need Winrar.

Please Note: Once you have downloaded the Winrar software make sure you select only ‘Rar’ files to open with Winrar, otherwise all your files will change to ‘rar’ format. Most eBooks are in PDF format, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read the eBook.

5 – Do all the products come with Sales Pages?

Unfortunately no, some publishers only offer the product with Master Resale Rights only, and do not include a sales page. 95% of the products do come with sales pages, if you do have any questions regarding any of the products and whether they come with a sales page or not, please contact us.